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Book Review of "Retire not Expire", by J. L. Edwards

Retire not Expire by J. L. Edwards is a true guidebook for anyone who anticipates being around to retire sometime in the future.  It is a well-written book with great insight into today's often complicated world of investments.  This short but insightful book is a friendly/casual read, not dry at all—like many similar books. There are real experience examples—many of which seem quite familiar—that will help you focus on a map to help navigate to your retirement.  The book offers a very balanced, simplistic no-frills approach to reaching your retirement objectives. The book's goal is not just helping you have the cash to live on in retirement, but the planning to have the life that you have dreamed and imagined. It is a book filled with wisdom on making the choices that are best to optimize your future retirement.

Retire not Expire will give you insights and confidence to start your retirement journey. Don't delay. Spend some time putting your retirement plan in place. Learn more about social security and other programs that you have given little real thought to. You will find Edwards’ guide provides an insightful look at the very complex Social Security system and how your understanding of it is necessary if you expect to get the most out of it.  She talks about when you should start taking social security and the issues you can incur if you start taking benefits to early.

Edwards provides advice on the misunderstood IRA. She gives you current rules on starting one and the expectations of its contribution toward your retirement funds. She clarifies what and how your 401K benefits you and the importance of understanding how it helps you during your retirement years.

The book is not just about crunching the numbers, but the social and psychological impact of transitioning into retirement. It's about transitioning into a life of more freedom and control. The book is filled with the wisdom you need to make the choices that are necessary to optimize your future retirement. The day of retirement is something that we all face, and yet so many of us either haven’t prepared or have accepted that we must just keep working till our last day. There is a difference between retiring and barely making it and retiring successfully and enjoying life at its fullest.

Edwards also tosses into her book a chapter on planning for your eventual demise. How much is it going to cost, and what benefits do you already have that can help pay for this eventuality? Some of the best advice provided by this book is how to reduce your expenses.  Reducing your expenses Is a critical part of preparing for retirement, and it is something that you should be aware of and practice way before retirement.  She offers up many expenses that you can eliminate or reduce without changing the quality of your life. Retire not Expire is a perfect guide book for anyone exploring the road that leads to retirement. 


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