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Book Review of "Hill House Manor – 13 Ghost Stories", by Linda Anthony Hill

Hill House Manor – 13 Ghost Stories by Linda Anthony Hill is a book of ominous tales of the paranormal that'll have you looking over your shoulder to make sure you're actually alone. These are Ghost Stories written by the owner of an actual haunted house in Texas that bears the same name as her book. Her hair-raising ghost stories are meant to thrill and ensnare you. Hill's narratives of hauntings were written for spooky-story connoisseurs who want eloquent, elegantly written tales that ring true.

Step into Hill's world of cursed homes, creepy clowns, friendly spirits, angry ghosts, and other ghoulish things. Just beware, the characters lurking within the book's pages are often nightmarish and might just give you…a fright in the night. Although this is a book of short ghost stories, none of them become gory to the extreme – they instead create a sense of eeriness, existential dread, and surprise as you become aware of the pervasive supernatural entities haunting the unwelcomed humans.

Hill House Manor – 13 Ghost Stories is an awesome collection of stories from a very talented author! You will find her offerings of scary stories much different from others you have read.  Her writing is engaging and thoughtful. While some of her tales are, of course, better than others, they are all held to a certain standard and won't fail to entertain you.

It's a treat to savor each of Hill's offerings, whether during the calm of daylight hours or during a raging stormy dark night by candlelight!

A quick overview of some of the stories follows:
The Early Years is a short story about the opening of the west, a mail-order bride, and a house that was haunted and brought misery to its inhabitants until a wise old medicine man came to help.
The Lipan Apache Tribe is a story about how a dowsing rod was used to communicate with the spirits of dead Indians.
The Marshal part 1  is a spooky story of how a beautiful woman lures a dedicated Marshal to reveal secrets that will lead to his death.
The Marshal part 2 is a story set ninety years later where a dowsing rod is again used to communicate with the Marshal that was murdered so many years before.
The Circus Clown is a story about the circus, elephants, clowns, and a mysterious ghost clown. Is Hill's ghost clown an evil spirit or something else? Can it kill? 
Sleep Elizabeth is a story about murder and the ability to be a free spirit and roam wherever you want.
Clowning Around is another story about one of those horrible creepy clowns who is deadly funny.
Louise and Margie is a story about a New Years celebration and a snaggled tooth boy that looks like he could rip your throat out with one bite.
Henry was cold is a tale about a spirit that is a bit anemic and needs a certain type of energy to charge up his system.
The Storm is a story about a storm and a bank deposit box that contained stock certificates, other documents, and a beautiful bracelet.

This charming collection is full of atmosphere, anticipation, and spooky goings-on, enough to keep you awake at night and not just because you need to read - just one more page.

Curl up and let those creepy feelings bring you closer to the many ghosts of the departed ones. Get ready for Halloween with this child-friendly collection of spooky stories from a real haunted house in Texas. 


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