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Book Review of "The Enigma Threat", by Charles V, Breakfield & Roxanne E. Burkey


The Enigma Threat by Charles V, Breakfield & Roxanne E. Burkey starts off with their iconic supercomputer ICABOD being targeted for destruction by CESPOOL, a UN-sanctioned agency charged with the responsibility of finding all independently owned AI-enhanced supercomputers and destroying them.   Tragically the R-Group is unable to stop ICABOD’s demise and the arrest of Quip. Their old nemesis, the MAG, celebrate this turn of events. For readers of the Enigma series, the end of the iconic ICABOD is a sad development.


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Book Review of "Farm Boy, City Girl", by John Dawson


Farm Boy, City Girl: From Gene to Miss Gina, by John “Gene” Dawson, is a riveting tell-all memoir that includes intimate details of growing up on share-cropper farms in Iowa during the Tryin’ Thirties. Gene experienced many backbreaking chores as the oldest son of a farmer struggling to make-a-living for his family during the depression, dustbowl, and drought. His recollections provide vivid historical references to the living conditions and farming practices in the 1930s and even information for today’s scientists studying global warming.


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Book Review of "One Boy's War", by Nancy McDonald


One Boy's War, by Nancy McDonald, is the anticipated sequel to Boy from Berlin.  These young adult novels are true-to-life adventures inspired by historical events. The plot of One Boy's War follows the exploits and struggles of ten-year-old Kafer Avigdor as he and his family strive to survive war-torn Europe in 1940.

The tribulations of war are immediately apparent from the opening paragraphs, told in Kafer's voice.  Kafer, his older sister, brother, and mother are traveling on the ocean liner SS Somerville sailing from London to Halifax when the ship is hit by a German torpedo. His terrifying ordeal includes boarding a tossing lifeboat, a miraculous rescue, and a mysterious stranger.


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Book Review of "CC's Road Home", by Leah B. Eskine


CC's Road Home, by Leah B. Eskine, is a young adult novel that takes place in the early sixties. It is a story about teenage pregnancy in an era where the subject was gingerly tiptoed around. Back then, shame would rain down even on a family of any young pregnant unwed girl. 

Eskine's beginning chapters captivates the reader who'll wonder why an estranged, alcoholic mother would be abandoning her teenage daughter.  The protagonist, Cicely, also known as CC, is a sixteen-year-old girl from New Orleans whose mother is leaving her in Ruston, Louisiana, a small town in the northern part of the state.  It isn't total abandonment; she is just relinquishing Cicely to the grandparents who own a small farm.  It is a safe place where Cicely can hide away while she takes care of her problem.  Back then, pregnant teens — unlike today — had no choice. They were kicked out of school, and if they were also employed, they were terminated. Where was a 16-year-old girl to turn?


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Book Review of "Snapshots", by Eliot Parker


Snapshots is a collection of eleven separate ingenious tales penned by author Eliot Parker.  There is richness in his detail with an accurate depiction of human passions and frailties. Stories that tell of a brother gone bad, a minor drug dealer sentenced to big time in prison, a sheriff who meets a nightmare, a tale about baseball, and much more. Parker has given us a treasury of tales that represents an astonishing range of short stories.  It’s a collection of tales in various hues and timbres. All these stories have one point in common—the consistent quality of Parker’s storytelling.


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Book Review of "Finding Up", by Linda Anthony Hill


Finding Up by Linda Anthony Hill is a self-help book written by an author who lives what she preaches.

If you are struggling to keep up with life and a career, then, Finding Up is a book you need to help overcome obstacles in your personal and professional lives. Hill’s book provides a method of how to do it. She offers some actionable strategies to regain control of your emotional self, your inner self, and your professional self by providing ways to move in a positive direction to help you succeed in life. It’s not only a fascinating read, but it could be transformative.

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