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Book Review of Mystic Invisible by Ryder Hunte Clancy


Ryder Hunte Clancy's Mystic Invisible is a young adult fantasy set in the enchanted Highlands of Scotland. It is a charming and readable romp with a most sympathetic hero. Filled with delightful details of magic and Scottish folklore, the story follows the adventures of the protagonist, fifteen-year-old Monte Darrow, as he learns to live with his mystic powers in his ancestral home; a small town plagued with a mysterious and growing mystical force. 
The atmosphere Clancy creates is unique, complete with a small town populated by Norms, Mystics, and mythological creatures like cat-siths, Nuckelavee, and unicorns. Rich and vibrant characters fill the tale, such as the beautiful Moira Bryce, a powerful and enchanting woman, and the hilarious and endearing Grandmother Meriweather.  Finn Cornelius takes the spot of Monte's best friend along with the elusive Cameron, who might be a bit more than Monte's platonic female pal.  

The central device of the story is wizardry.  References to dark magic and other evils that pertain to the "dark side" are included, but they are never presented as desirable. Every character who is allied with the dark forces is an enemy or at least a tormentor to the story's protagonist.

The story is full of heart-pumping action and entertaining dialogue scenes that offer a smooth flow and a very enjoyable read. It's truly well written in every sense of the word.

In short, Mystic Invisible is an intriguing coming of age YA fantasy that captures your heart and attention from the opening line and keeps your nose fixed between the pages. It is almost with a shock when you arrive at the end of the book’s adventures after traipsing around the picturesque burgh of Fort William in the Scottish Highlands alongside Monte and his friends.



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