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Book Review of Breakfield and Burkey’s, Out of Poland


Breakfield and Burkey’s, Out of Poland is a stand-alone novella with a gut-wrenching plot and strong, intriguing characters. This fiction is also the prequel to the highly acclaimed contemporary techno-thrillers, The Enigma Series.  Readers of the cyber mystery and suspense series will want to explore the historical back story of the genesis and foundations of  The Enigma Series’ R-Group.

The story begins in 1939 with Germany about to overrun Warsaw, Poland. Ambassador Ferdek Watcowski confronts the political situation with determination to give his family and the country hope. His daughter, Patrycja, will become an important individual in the struggle for survival. The ambassador’s son, Ferdek the younger, and his two close friends, Tavius and Wolfgang, are lieutenants in the Polish army with nerves of steel and clandestine orders that can get them killed.

Highly descriptive and emotional with hair-raising suspense in the actions of the three courageous Polish men and one woman’s mission to deliver a secret package to the British Government. The package was a secret device used by the Germans that, in the hands of the British, would be of great value in winning the war. Out of Poland is a fictionalized narrative of an espionage event that happened during  World War II.  The events unfold during a most trying time for the Polish people, as this quote from the book illustrates.. “This a time of war in a land that no longer belongs to us.” “We are doomed no matter which way we go.” “The Germans are at our door and will take our liberty…and the Russians are at the other one ready to take our soul.”


 With these constraints and fears of exploding bombs, airplanes strafe, and thousands of troops marching into the conquered country, the four young heroes set out on a mission impossible. They face terrifying odds as they try to locate and steal an object called Baby.

While trying to fulfill their mission, the team encounters several equally determined patriots whose backstories bolster their determination to succeed in their calling. However, constantly they are faced with the question of who can be trusted. Jasiek’s daughter?  The gypsies? These unique individuals add complexity to the plot and are masterfully portrayed personalities.

Out of Poland, by Breakfield and Burkey, is an astonishing epic war story that unveils that World War II was not won simply by brute strength but also by reading the enemy's intentions.

Breakfield and Burkey keep the reader guessing as to the purpose and importance of Baby until the rapidly approaching enemy armies close in.  The satisfactory conclusion reveals the secret of Baby and its impact on history. 


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