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Authors Reading Interviews Tonya Jewel Blessing

Tonya Jewel Blessing talks with Authors Reading about her interesting life and latest book "Melody in the Mulberries". The book is set in the 1920's - This Appalachian Big Creek sequel is set in West Virginia, during the 1920s, where granny witches and spiritualism often show the path for wanderers to take, especially in matters of the heart. Emerald Ashby's younger sister, Coral, determines to visit the family's nemesis, Charlie, now stewing in prison.


AR interview with Breakfield & Burkey

Breakfield & Burkey talk about their new book "The Enigma Beyond: The Enigma Series, Book 11". They give an overview of their book and a glimpse into what makes this team, work. About their lives and what inspired them to write this series of Tecno-thrillers and how close to reality it has become. See more about Breakfield & Burkey and their books over at Their Authors Page.



AR Interview with Sharon K. Middleton

A fascinating interview with Sharon K. Middleton about her latest book, "Beyond McCarron's Corner: Sassy's Story," a fictional tale about a woman who is transported back in time to the Revolutionary War era.


Your book is certainly about a very interesting period of American History.  The Culper Spy Ring was such an important group of patriots during the American Revolution. They were willing to sacrifice everything to help free America from England.  I hope you will tell us what got you interested in this clandestine organization.


Before we talk more about your book, please give a quick introduction of who you are and where you came from to the readers who have not yet read your work.


 I am an attorney in Alvin, Texas. I am planning to retire next year. I have lived in Texas all my life. Like Sassy, I’m Irish and Hispanic (and French and Russian and Scandinavian and Caucasian according to I grew up in San Antonio, and I went to Trinity University, like Sassy. But I did not marry my History Professor! In addition to writing, I enjoy raising and showing Skye terriers and quilting (also like Sassy). I have been married to the same man since 1974. We have two sons and a daughter and six grandkids in addition to the six dogs.

In your research for your book did you read other books about spys from that era like, “The Spy: a Tale of the Neutral Ground,” by James Fenimore Cooper,” or The Culper Ring: The History and Legacy of the Revolutionary War's Most Famous Spy Ring by Charles River Editors?”

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AR interview with J.S. Morrison

Authors Reading Interview 

John and AuthorsReading David dive deep into J.S. Morrison's 

"The Perfection of Fish". 

This informative conversation delves into the interworkings of why John penned his new novel. Delving into what makes his work interesting and relevant. Find out more about Mr. Morrison in the Youtube Interview with

John and David chat about John's passion for writing and helping younger writers pursue the craft. Visit the site he is using to champion his cause