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Penncraft Awards Anounce the 2020 Winners

Congratulations to our 2020 Pencraft Award Winners!

Book of The Year Winner for 2020

The Winter Sisters by Tim Westover, Published by QW Publishers

Non-Fiction and Fiction Book of the Year winners

NonFiction - No More Dodging Bullets: A Memoir about Faith, Love, Lessons, and Growth by Amy Herrig, Published by Inspired Forever Books
Fiction - Woman in Red: Magdalene Speaks by Krishna Rose, Published by Black Rose Writing

First Place Winners

Fiction - Young Adult Fantasy Myths & Legends: Inviting the Moon to Supper by CJ Clark
Fiction - Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Some Laneys Died by Brooke Skipstone
Fiction - Romance - Contemporary: The OCD Games: A Christmas Romance Novella by Kayla Krantz
Nonfiction - Travel Adventure: Catamaran Crossing: A Sailing Adventure from La Coruna to Antigua by Douglas Carl Fricke
Nonfiction - Self Help: Anxious for Answers. by Ilene S. Cohen, Ph.D.
Nonfiction - Retirement: Retire Not Expire . . . Plan Your Transition by J. L. Edwards
Nonfiction - Music/Ent.: Counting Down Elvis by Mark Duffett
Nonfiction - Health: Fine, Thanks: Stories from the Cancerland Jungle by Mary Dunnewold
Nonfiction - Environment: The Secret of Plants in the Environment by Rishikesh Upadhyay
Nonfiction - Business-Venture Capital: Space Is Open For Business by Robert Jacobson
Nonfiction - Electronic Publishing: Amazon Keywords for Books by Dale L. Roberts
Nonfiction - Autobiography: Fallible: A Memoir of a Young Physician`s Struggle with Mental Illness by Kyle Bradford Jones
Fiction - Friendship: Little Tea by Claire Fullerton
Fiction - Womens: Sweet Jane by Joanne Kukanza Easley
Fiction - Thriller - Psychological: Give It Back by Danielle Esplin
Fiction - Suspense: The Enigma Source: Book 10 from The Enigma Series (Audiobook) by Charles V. Breakfield & Roxanne E. Burkey
Fiction - Short Stories - Anthologies: Snapshots by Eliot Parker
Fiction - Science Fiction: >No Way Home by Christy Cooper-Burnett
Fiction - Realistic:Girl with a Future by Parker Ames
Fiction - Mystery - Romance: A Coward`s Guide to Oil Painting by MM Kent
Fiction - Medical Thriller: A Surgeon`s Knot by William Lynes
Fiction - LGBT Family Life: On Chocorua: Book 1 of the Trailblazer series by Robin Reardon
Fiction - Humor: Unplugged by Joe Barrett
Fiction - Historical War: When the Men Were Gone by Marjorie Herrera Lewis
Fiction - Fantasy Myth & Legend: Negotiations with God by R.W. Sowrider
Fiction - Fantasy: Amulet`s Rapture (Curse of Clansmen and Kings Book 3) by Linnea Tanner
Fiction - Crime Action Thriller: The Medina Device by T J Champitto
Fiction - Asian American Thriller: The Dance Towards Death (The Brotherhood Chronicle, Volume 3) by Tejas Desai
Fiction - Cultural: As the Daisies Bloom by T P Graf
Fiction - Adventure: Tali Nohkati, The Great Crossing by Koza Belleli
Fiction Christian - Historical: King`s Blood by Daniel J. Geisel
Children - K-3rd - General: The Girl from Glocken`s Glen by Andy Wolf
Children - 4th-6th: Honing A Champion by Haon Campbell

Second Place Winners

Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Altered Helix by Stephanie Hansen
Nonfiction - Self Help: Finding UP by Linda Anthony Hill
Nonfiction - Memoir: J.D. to J.D.: My Journey from Juvenile Delinquent to Doctor of Jurisprudence by Brian D. Caplan, Esq
Nonfiction - Business/Finance: Your Team Loves Mondays (...RIGHT?) by Kristin A. Sherry
Fiction - Short Stories/Anthologies: Strangers to Temptation by Scott Gould
Fiction - Historical War: A Letter from Munich by Meg Lelvis
Fiction - Fantasy: The Century`s Scribe by Brendan Walsh
Fiction - Adventure: Three Degrees and Gone by J. Stewart Willis
Christian - Fiction: The Melody of the Mulberries by Tonya Jewel Blessing

Runner-Up Winners

Nonfiction - Memoir: Farm Boy, City Girl by John Dawson
Non Fiction - Business/Finance: Book Title Generator By Scott Lorenz